Welcome to Pocket Mall!

We’ve just launched and during the first season everything will be done by hand, until we get better vision how to properly establish our 

membership system, so there wont be any logins, signups and automated payment/renewal for now, but that shouldnt stop you to list your site

as soon as possible, because those who enter first will get the best positions and may get some other bonuses as well!

In order to list your website today you must send us non-copyrighted picture or banner with minimal size of 300x300px, the name of the store

or the name that you wanna use, really short description of your store, link to your website and the receipt id that paypal will give you, after you send us the required money.

(Keep in mind that Tier 4 is free for now and dont require you to send receipt ids)

Send your info to this email –

And your payments to this paypal account –

If you send your payment today, you will have 30 days to send your info or finish your website, and your slot will be reserved until then.
If you send your info first, you will have 15 days to send us your payment, and during that time your slot will be reserved.

In order to prevent people to reserve one slot for 4 months with a single season payment, we will provide you only with 5 days
to complete your order, and after that time, every delay (15 or 30 days, check above) will be deducted from your 90 days of membership.

If you have questions send them to our email 🙂 Good luck!

P.S. Keep in mind that sites who sell illegal things, have really bad reputation or don’t have English version wont be accepted!