Yo guys, my name is Andrei Bardarov, Im 28 years old Web Designer and Brand Builder from Bulgaria.

Im currently developing 3 projects and 1 twitch channel, united in a network called Reaper Industry

Part of Reaper Industry are:

PocketMall – My online mall for online stores (the first online mall in the world btw, all copyrights are reserved) // pocketmal.net

Samurai Society – The center of the anime and manga culture, and the first virtual samurai country (still working on that part) // 5amurai.com

The Golden Gaming Pages – The ultimate gaming catalog, published annually in many formats // the website still aint available

and of course my streaming channel DeathTV – Death to the boredom! // twitch.tv/deathtvofficial


If you want to support any of these projects, my paypal is thebrushkeeper@hotmail.com , any kind of donations are appreciated!

GL&HF and dont forget to watch DeathTV if you feel bored 🙂