Yo guys, we are Reaper Industry and we’re glad to represent you our new project – PocketMall!

PocketMall is the first online mall in the world and his goal is to give better advertisement and visibility to the huge mass of e-stores that has appeared after the online stores marketing boom of 2018-19. Since then many new e-stores has appeared, but most of them has failed, just because they didn’t got enough visibility. With our project, we are trying to eliminate that problem!


Part of Reaper Industry are also:

Samurai Society – The center of the anime and manga culture, and the first virtual samurai country (still working on that part) // 5amurai.com

The Golden Gaming Pages – The ultimate gaming catalog, published annually in many formats // the website still aint available

and of course our streaming channel DeathTV – Death to the boredom! // twitch.tv/deathtvofficial


If you want to support any of these projects, our paypal is thebrushkeeper@hotmail.com , any kind of donations are appreciated!

GL&HF and dont forget to watch DeathTV if you feel bored 🙂

You can find us on ReaperIndustry.com