Hi guys, we’ve decided to give quicker start to our project, so in order to achieve that, we’ve decided to lower the price of the top tier down to 30$/3-months, and to put all other tiers for free for now. Also we are giving 1 month for free, so if you join now, you will be listed for 120 days, instead of 90. Keep in mind that 90% of the raised funds will be used for advertisement, so they will eventually get back to you again. We’ve already refunded everybody who has bought their slots on the previous announced prices, and we are offering up to 30-days of 100% refund and 60 days of 60% refund, for those who join before 31 October! Keep in mind that you can reserve your slot for 30 days for free, and that time wont be added to your 120 days of membership, so feel free to do it, even if you ain’t still 100% sure, about joining us, because that way you will get better position in our website. For those who join before 31 October we are also offering extra 25% discount for their next 3-Months of membership renewal, so don’t hesitate to join us today and to take advantage of all those crazy discounts and bonuses as soon as possible  🙂

Good Luck.