Welcome to Pocket Mall!

Our project has just launched and its looking for more e-stores to join us. If you have online store, feel free to list it today, as we are currently offering heavily discounted prices, tons of bonuses and 100% refund for the first 15 days! The first who join us, will get the best positions in the tier that they choose, and if there are less than 50 stores after the first 3 months (till 23 Sept) , you will get bonus 4 months advertisement for free! 

Our website is like normal mall but for online stores, and everybody who visit it, will be able to quickly find your online store in it, and if you ain’t payin tons of money for advertisement in google, then this is probably your best chance to get more popular and probably the cheapest one!

We believe that most people who are looking for online stores will prefer to use our website over any other website, app or magazine, not only because of our rich catalog of e-stores, but also because we will provide them with tons of discounts, info and control over the online stores, as we will try to remove as soon as possible those stores who seem suspicious, get negative feedback or use shady practices. We will try to provide our customers with the best online shopping experience and probably the safest one available!

Enjoy it! 🙂